How cloud seeding helps to human day to day life?

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What is cloud seeding?

In most of Asian countries peoples main job is harvesting. But there main problem in harvesting is water. We cant sure when rain will come. So most of farmers effect by this and 60% of farmers leave from farming. But for a country farming is very essential. So most of companies come with a proposal “cloud seeding“.

It is an artificial whether enhancement technology that is used stimulating fall. It is an scientifically proven method. Cloud seeding is a booster shot to cloud for reduce the rain.Moisure absorbed chemical compound loaded in a plain. Then plan fly’s over cloud in that particular area. Then release chemical from flash. Since chemical has affinity for water vapour they introduction of formation of rain leaving gravity to do the rest. Cloud seeding usually take 30 minutes to take produce results.

Cloud seeding bears no rain in Sri Lanka

Each cloud seeding experiments takes 50 planes and 200 flying hours. It takes 4-5 hours per day. Cost per flight is 10 lakhs .


Actually cloud seeding research was initially introduced 1903.1In 1960 Australia government successfully test the cloud seeding .Here after most of countries in the work shows their interest on this .But china is highly interested country in cloud seeding .China and soudiarbia are successfully use this technology.Soudi Arabia use this technology ,approximately 66-67 time in 2017 and 2018. Due to this technology their rain facility increased by 30%.

In chine “legath debuth” ,they produce a research center to researching cloud seeding .The area of the place is1.6 million km .

There are 3 stages in cloud computing.

1.Creating air pressure.

2.Organize the cloud.

3Cooling the cloud.

Why Cloud Seeding is Increasingly Attractive to the Thirsty West | The Pew  Charitable Trusts


1.Chemical needed for this stage:-

A) Caco3(Calcium Carbanate

b)Cao(Calcium oxide)


When plane flash this chemicals the increase the humidity of cloud. When humidity increases air pressure created on that place. Then cloud density should increase. So that they use NH4NO3.When cloud density increases water molecular save near the chemicalized cloud. Then water molecular need to cool. Then rain will be created.

Cloud Seeding in the UAE: The Latest Technology to Meet the Country's  Growing Water Needs -


1.If the percentage of chemical mixed with cloud ,it may converted to acid rain.

2.If the acid rain was fallen to human body, it can make

.1.Change the skin colour yellow.

2.Most of plant family will destroy.

3.Mummals may be destroy.

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