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There are main 6 steps in PCR MLT room. You can see that steps in our thumbnail. Here we are going to discuss on other internal process and why PCR Results list little bit delay. Come with me to discuss about that.

Sample receiving area

  1. Normally 1 health assistant in that area collecting sample(this is a observation report according to one of srilankan virology lab).
  2. After collecting sample ,Sample documentation is required, need to document time of receiving, date
    of receiving, from where the sample send, total number of samples received.
  3. Senders should avoid sending the empty samples from the grass root level.
  4. Need to prepare a criteria base sample collecting methodology at the community screening and contact tracing. It can reduce the time to get pcr list.
  5. Each sample should pack in triple package.
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Types of samples according to treatment places

1.J.M.O postmortem sample
2.Clinical sample from hospital
3.Community sample from contact tracing and community streaming

Priority order given to first in Postmortem, clinical samples, finally to community screening sample. But community sample which need urge
result not identified at the sample receiving end.

Issues & needs of Sample storing and verification area

1.There is not enough space to store receiving samples in order First come first
out manner.
2.There is no required temperature to storing area.
3.Need air condition.
4.To verification area needs Bio safety cabinet

Process of verification area

1.Verifying samples

2.Remove no sampling

3.Labeling with Lab no
➢sample labeling in done in a manual way. So, it took more time. If can
go to an automated system. We can reduce waiting time in labeling.
4.After verification samples sent to Extraction room.

5.Extraction room & mix room process

6 MLT’s work in day shift

7 MLT’s work in night shift

4.Sample extraction automated process 96 samples/1hr.
5.Safety cabinet 2 need to deployed 2 MLT.

Extraction room process.

Supercritical fluid equipment - Supercritical CO2 units - SFE Process

1.Sample extraction (48 samples can extract in one tray).It will take 1 time.

2.Safety cabinet 1 process took 15-30minutes.

3.Safety cabinet 2 process took 15-30 minutes.

4.Sample extraction auto Safety cabinet 1 need to deployed 1 MLT.
Regent Mix room process.
1.Preparing sample regent

The MLT who are working at extraction room and MLT who are working at
master mix room should avoid physical contamination. (During test, the
3.Deploy 1 MLT to master mix room.
4.Extract sample is mixed with prepared sample regent.
1.IDD (highly sensitive) – take to add regent 30 minutes
2.Altona (high accuracy) – take to add regent 15 minutes
3.PCR Machine process.
1.Final prepared sample packs, get into PCR machine.
2.There are 2 types sample pack.
✓ There are 72 sample with 2 sample for positive, negative control and
70 test samples.
✓ There are 36 sample with 2 sample for positive, negative control and
34 test samples
3.It will take nearly 2.5hrs to total test reading.
4.Tested result documented by manually MLT. (It will take 15-20 minutes)

5.Finally, Medical officer write the results in a work sheet and issue single
report List report as required

6.One medical officer deploy to throughout the day

7.Medical officer work under the supervision of

8.Medical officer work under the supervision of clinical virologist and his
➢ 800 Samples are conducted to the PCR test per day.

Medical officer’s requirement/Issues

Medical Officer High Res Stock Images | Shutterstock

➢ Currently there are 2 doctors in roster basis. But there is necessity for on more doctor.

➢ All the PCR request forms are not received by medical officers.

Communication error between medical officers and MOH/PHI region peoples. (Some time MOH officers not answering the calls and email)

➢ Doctors write the results manually. If it automated can reduce time.

Computer operator’s process.

Introduction to Computer Science Awareness Basics and Systems

✓ Single report manually Entering and printing (take approximately 1 -2
✓ PCR list should email through google cloud sheets. (It will take
approximately 5-10 minutes)
✓ If google form not provide (take 20-30 minutes for one result sheet to enter
✓ Detected list should E-mail to respective MOH & Hospitals.
✓ If there is lack in request, then request to respected MOH/PHI region to send
the forms.

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