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harmful microbes lurk every where.

E.g.: 1. Door knobs , handles, keyboards, ATM machines, mobile phones , money(coin, cash).

Germs thrives up tp more than 48 hours on surface like steel,palstic,food,metal etc….

They can get in to people palms and survive up to 3 hrs. A hand may carry up to more than 10 million bacteria.

When we use infected hand with out clearing it. It directly get in to our mouth and nose.Then with in couple of hours we will become a covid positive patient.

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1.Ensure you wash between your nails and fingers. – Because high concentration bacteria’s are found under nails and fingers.

2.Wash your hands at least 1 minute properly.

Now days most of us use sanitizer .But best one is soap.If there is no soap you can use sanitizer. Because in soaps it contains NaOH(Sodium hydroxide).It destroy bacteria/virus RNA and DNA by damaging the glyco protein envelop.

As per world health organization report number of sars-cov-2 cases continue to raise globally. Washing hands thoroughly with soap /alcohol based sanitizer has been advise as the only one preventive measure. Upon this steaming is another best preventive approach. When you get steaming, that vapour may kill the virus. Specially sars virus cannot survive in 70 Celsius.

Coronavirus: Photos Show Differences of Hand Sanitizer and Soap, Water

How soap and water helps virus wash away

When an infected person coughs /sneezes without covering himself, droplets expelled end up on different surfaces. While the droplets dry out quickly ,the virus remain active .

When a healthy person touches an infected surface, the virus latches on to the skin.When he/she touches the face/norse/mouth the virus can enter the body easily.Water is not enough to clean the virus since the viruses are very sticky. Here is where soap comes in top play.

when we wash hands with the soap, fat in the soap compete with the protective cover ( glycoprotein ) of virus and hand that bonds the virus together. they are stronger than viral bonds. thus soap and with water together effectively dissolve the viral bond and break the interaction between the virus and the skin surface.

Through alcohol based hand sanitizers are helpful. they are not effective as soap and water.

How soap washes dirt from the skin?

Non polar “tail” adhere to dirt on the skin. Polar groups are soluble in the water. and the dirt away from the skin.

As per world health organization report:-

handwashing with soap remains one of our best defenses against the virus, along with other public health measures such as maintaining physical distance, avoiding crowded places. Global Handwashing Day observed annually on October 15 to raise awareness and highlight the importance of handwashing as an effective means of disease prevention .

‘Handwashing has always been one of most effective ways of keeping diseases at bay. It is a simple act that pays in dividends when it comes to keeping ourselves healthy and safe. Handwashing is also one of the key cornerstones of COVID-19 prevention. Now more than ever as we embrace the new normal and live with COVID-19, hand hygiene needs to become an integral part of our daily routine and our lives, as we live through this pandemic, and beyond, to protect us from diseases.

With COVID-19 transmission mainly spreading between people through direct, indirect (through contaminated objects or surfaces), or close contact with infected people via mouth and nose secretions, washing hands with soap and running water is of critical importance. To stop the spread of COVID-19, along with other COVID appropriate behaviors, the practice of handwashing at regular intervals is a must, after coughing or sneezing, when caring for the sick, after using the toilet, before eating, while preparing food and after handling animals or animal waste. Handwashing after touching common surfaces such as doorknobs or handles, or after one comes back home from visiting a public place will keep ourselves and others around us safe.

This year’s Global Handwashing Day theme is Hand Hygiene for All and calls for all of society to achieve universal hand hygiene.

Summary of article: now corona virus little by little reduces its vagarous but keep in mind its not completely destroy. So washing the hands with soap is compulsory until fully destroying CORONA

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