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What is cloud computing?

Using some ones servers to host, process and stores data. There are some cloud providers provides cloud service to end users.

E.g.:- Google,Microsoft…..

Comparison of manual storage vs cloud storage/computing

Manual StorageCloud Storage/computing
High pay, less scalabilityPay only what you are use.
Data cannot access remotelyData can access remotely & share over the internet
Server space required No server space required
No automatic updates thereAutomatic updates will be given to end users
Expert requiredExpert not needed
lack of flexibilityHigh flexibility
Poor data security & takes longer implementation timeHigh data security & rapid implementation time.

Challenges in cloud computing

1.Security privacy

2.Interoprobility =>platform independent

3.portability =>The application run on one platform can be moved to another cloud without changing changing design and architecture

4.service quality

5.computing performance

6.Reliability and availability

Cloud architecture

Cloud Computing Architecture - javatpoint

1.Front end

2.Back end

1.Front end

Is a client infrastructure. It means web browser.

2.Back end

It includes applications, Management, storage server,security….

These are the servers and models working behind the scene making the cloud computing feasible and accessible to end users.

Here working model will be catagrize in to two

1.Deployment model

2.service model

1.Deployment model

It defines the type of access to the cloud.

There are 4 cloud in deployment .

1.Public cloud

2.Private cloud

3.Hybrid cloud

4.Comunity cloud.

1.Public cloud

Every one can use this type of cloud.It is a pay per use .

Eg:- Google app engine, windows azure, Microsoft

Benefits of public cloud

1.Cost effective



4.high scalability

5.location independence

6.utility style cost => pay per use

Disadvantage of public cloud

1.low security

2.less customizable

2.Private cloud

Only accessible with in the organization.


1.High security and privacy

2.more control

3.Cost efficiency..


1.Restricted are of operation

2.high prize

3.Hybrid cloud

It is a combination of private and public cloud.




3.Cost efficiency



1.Network issues

2.Security complaints

3.Infrastructure dependency

Community cloud

Access by group of organization. It shares infrastructure between several organization from a specific community.


1.Cost efficiency


3.Sharing among organization

4.More security than public


1.Less security than private

Grid Computing

Grid computing is a collection of computer resources from multiple locations to reach a common goal. It is also called distributed computing .It links Computer resources together and mechanism to access them. The advantage is execution time is minimum.

Middle ware

It is a communication between 2 application.

E.g:- Web servers and Database server

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